When Will Cryptos and Blockchain Really Explode?

Every day there is more news about what can, can and should happen in the world of Crypto Currencies (CC) and Blockchain. There has been significant investment, research and much talk, but the coins and projects are not yet mainstream. They have not yet delivered the expected explosive changes. Many ideas are discussed and developed, but none have yielded major game-changing results. What may be needed is for major industry players such as IBM, Microsoft and major financial services corporations to continue to move forward with the development of useful Blockchain applications that the entire world CANNOT live without.

Financial services are a ripe target for Blockchain projects because today’s banking systems are still based on outdated ideas that have been faithfully and painfully digitized, and because these systems are outdated, they are expensive to maintain and operate. Banks have almost a good reason to charge the high service fees they do. their systems are not efficient. These systems have many layers of redundant data, as everyone involved in a transaction must have their own version of the transaction details. And then there’s the business of ensuring there’s a trusted third party to clear all these transactions, requiring even more versions of the same data. Blockchain technology promises to solve these problems because every transaction will be recorded in just ONE block of the chain, and because it is a distributed database, security and integrity are built in and guaranteed. It may take some time to build trust in these new systems, given that blockchain transaction verifiers are not the traditional clearinghouses that banks use and trust today. It will take time for banks to trust new technology, and it will take even longer for that trust to trickle down to consumers.

Another company that could soon be poised to give CC and Blockchain a big boost is Amazon. It looks like Amazon is about to launch its own cryptocurrency. This is a good sized country revenue company and they are able to issue a digital token that will be fully convertible with other CCs and fiat currencies as well. Such a move would allow Amazon to:

  • issue (AMAZON) coins to reward and incentivize developers on any of its platforms
  • issue coins to consumers to use for in-app purchases
  • issue coins to game players to purchase virtual goodies within the game
  • issue coins to regular customers as part of a loyalty program

Amazon may have the ideal ecosystem of customers and partners to make all of this happen. They have about 300 million customer accounts worldwide, roughly the population of the US, and they have 100,000 sellers on their platforms, selling millions of products. There’s hardly a more mainstream company than Amazon, with a huge, vibrant economy all tied to it. Amazon’s impending entry into the world of CCs could herald the adoption of blockchain technology by mainstream institutions on a large scale. What could be right around the corner if the AMAZON COIN pops up, like the DISNEY COIN, the DELTA AIRLINES COIN, the CARNIVAL CRUISES COIN, the HOME DEPOT COIN; you get the picture.

Stay with us!

Best ICO of 2018 – This Cryptocurrency Will Disrupt Wall Street

As we begin to see the growth of cryptocurrency trading, more and more new digital assets are being built every day. The concept of this is absolutely brilliant, only we are left with a huge problem as many people will find less and less real quality investment options in the crypto market. More and more public, it appears that only the top 15% of cryptocurrencies will retain any significant value over time.

The reality of ICO is a new concept, but we need to see a big change develop in order to provide the security seen with traditional investment instruments. The fact that we are on a playing field where no government or authority can regulate these digital assets opens the door for scammers and cons. This is the main problem with ICOs, even companies that may offer a legitimate product or service can end up wasting investors’ money and leaving token holders stuck with an asset that is truly worthless. This is what the Dibbs ICO promises to fix along with many other promises to change the world through blockchain development.

Dibbs ICO introduces the erc20 token to the public with additional unique features. These tokens can be sold back to the issuer for payments in Bitcoin or Ether. This should be managed by smart contracts that will increase the security level of investors by offering a reliable source for the liquidation of their assets. The concept is simple and genius. The reason for this development is that Dibbs llc can demonstrate their ability to create digital assets that offer the same benefits and certainly as traditional investments, but with much higher returns, instant liquidity and the ability to create new benefits that can are unique. for each token. This in turn will initially be managed by Dibs as they monitor the companies that want to launch on their platform, making sure that what is promised will be delivered as we set the final stage to make this whole system autonomous.

With the Dibbs token, you can get a piece of every offer that will be launched from this platform. That’s the added bonus behind the Dibs sign, it’s unmatched for the potential to see extremely high returns in the future. The fact is, no other offer will ever have such a great advantage. By releasing am altcoin through an ICO, a portion of the total supply is set aside and even used as payment to the Dibbs company for their asset generation service. In turn, those assets are distributed to Dibbs token holders in proportion to their assets.

All I have to say is wow! I have gone ahead and made this company the focal point of my colleagues in the financial sector, and they have all given a very positive review. I have personally invested over $5,000 in this offering by purchasing tokens at pre-sale prices. The ICO won’t actually start until September 2018, but if you get in today, you’ll benefit greatly by saving up to 200%.

To learn more about this company, visit their website at http://dibbs.co.

Dibbs Coin Offer – dibbs.co

ICO Token Valuation and Undue Emphasis on Blockchain Technical Experts and ICO Consultants

Statistics could no longer be ignored. Most ICOs take off and stay in the tank once the tokens hit the crypto exchanges, after the frenzy and “FOMO” of participating in the crowd sale is over.

Most observers who follow the ICO phenomenon universally agree that the trend of the last few months is that ICOs lose their value after the crowdsale, when many buyers wait in vain for their promised “moon”. , when the cryptocurrency appears on the exchange. portal.

What is not discussed, however, is the main reason why we are witnessing this phenomenon, and what crowdsellers, including the rating companies many of us rely on to make our choices, must be doing wrong: choosing which ICO is most valuable. or has the highest probability that the price increase will be completed after the crowdsale ends.

While there are many reasons that can legitimately be offered for this phenomenon, there is one fact that I believe is probably more responsible for it than the other debatable reasons. or “techniques” for erc20 tokens.

I’ve always thought that the need for blockchain technical experts or ICO technical advisors is overkill or even completely irrelevant when judging a project by those criteria, unless the project is actually trying to create a completely new coin concept. The real important consideration for most ERC20 Tokens and copy coins should be the business plan behind the token and the managerial backgrounds and executive profiles of the team leaders.

As anyone involved in the industry should know, creating an ERC20 token from Ethereum or similar tokens for other cryptocurrencies does not require any great technical skills or any overrated blockchain consultant (in fact, with new software, an ERC20 Token can be done in less than 10 minutes in time by a complete technical novice.

So technical shouldn’t even be a big deal for tokens anymore). The key should be the business plan. level of business experience; the competence of the project managers and the business marketing strategy of the main fund raising company.

Frankly, as a lawyer and business consultant for more than 30 years in various companies around the world, I cannot understand why people continue to look for a Russian or Korean or Chinese “Crypto Whiz” or “Crypto Advisor” to determine the strength of an ICO. for what is basically a BUSINESS SENSE crowdfunding campaign…

I’m convinced that this is one of the main reasons why most ICOs never live up to their pre-launch hype. In an era where there is an abundance of token generation software, platforms, and freelancers, the disproportionate focus on blockchain experience or the technical ability of promoters is largely irrelevant. It’s like judging a company’s likely success based on its staff’s ability to create a good website or app. That train has long since left the station due to the proliferation of technical hands on freelancing sites like Guru; Upwork, freelancer and even Fiverr.

People seemed to get too carried away with the hype and technical qualifications of people promoting ICOs, particularly ERC20 Ethereum-based tokens, and then wondered why a technically superior Russian, Chinese or Korean guy couldn’t secure the company’s business after fundraising.

Even many of our ICO ranking companies seemed to assign a disproportionate number of points to the team member’s crypto experience, how many crypto advisors they have, and the ICO success experience they have on their team, rather than focusing on the underlying business model. be created with the collected funds

When one realizes that over 90% of the cryptos and ICOs out there are just tokens created to collect for an idea, and not just a token for a token’s sake, people’s emphasis will shift from technical aspects to more relevant valuation work. the actual business idea and the corporate business plan.

As we move into this era of evaluation before deciding to buy or invest in cryptocurrency, we will then begin to evaluate the future prospects or value of our tokens based on sound business considerations such as;

– Swot analysis of the company and its promoters

– Management competence and experience of team leaders

– Business idea justification beyond brand creation

– The company’s marketing plan and strategy for selling those ideas

– ability to deliver underlying products to market

– The customer base of products and services to be created by the company

– and design basis for market acceptance

What most people don’t realize is that the potential for their tokens to increase in value after an ICO isn’t so much about anything technical as it is about good things happening at the company raising funds and a perceived increase in the company’s valuation. it presents its business plan and delivers its business product.

Of course, buying cryptocurrency is not buying stock, and it is not a security in any company. We get it, but tokens react the same way stocks react to good or bad news about a company. The only difference is that in the case of cryptos, the effect increases 100 times.

So when a company reaches some kind of financial or business milestone, the price of its token on the stock exchange will go up… and it will quickly go down when nothing good is happening. So what the company will do and how it will do it after the ICO is extremely important for anyone who doesn’t want to see the value of their Tokens go down forever.

Of course, most tokens will drop when tokens appear after a crypto exchange ICO due to those looking to make an immediate profit, but whether it will ever return to the multi-digit profit you expect will always depend on criteria. I already outlined above. Once you buy a token, the cost of “crypto-advisor” and “technical tricks” will go to zero due to the potential of your tokens to the moon.

Following this reality, I think a smart crypto buyer or investor should focus less on how many crypto advisors the project has or a technically sound team (unless the company’s highlighted business is technical in nature) and more on the manager. marketing and potential customer base of a company raising funds through an ICO.

In other words, spend more points on the business and governance of the ICO, rather than technical jargon that won’t help your mark in the market once the money is raised.

Bitcoin Brokers – Learn the Benefits of Cryptocurrency Trading

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be spent, held or invested, and it can also be stolen. Bitcoin trading used to be considered risky, but current trends show that it has hit the binary options sector in a big way. This decentralized currency is not regulated by any government or central authority.

What determines the price of bitcoins?

The price of Bitcoin is determined by the ratio of supply and demand. Price increases when demand increases, rates decrease when demand decreases. Bitcoins in circulation are limited and new ones are created at a very slow rate. Because it does not have enough cash reserves to move the market price, its price can be extremely volatile.

Bitcoin trading is popular because:

  • Low inflation risk – Inflation is the biggest problem for traders, as all currencies lose some of their purchasing power when the reserve banks keep printing more currency. Since Bitcoin’s minting system is limited to only 21 million bitcoins, it is unlikely to affect inflation.
  • Low risk of collapse – Currency fluctuations depend on the government’s trade policy, which sometimes causes hyperinflation and even causes the currency to collapse. Bitcoin is a virtual universal currency that is not regulated by any government.
  • Simple, safe and cheap – Bitcoin payments happen peer-to-peer without any intermediaries, which makes it simple and cheap.
  • Easy to move – Millions of dollars worth of bitcoins can be stored in your pocket with a memory stick. This cannot be done with gold or cash.
  • Untraceable – The issuance of Bitcoin is not regulated by any government, so there is zero risk of seizure.

Binary Options Bitcoin Trading Platform

Binary options brokers are familiar with the popularity of this bitcoin and its constantly fluctuating values. So they use this opportunity to offer traders the latest volatile cryptocurrency as an additional payment method. Bitcoin brokers that provide the cryptocurrency as a trading option include:

  • One-Touch Option – Bitcoin trading can be done with AnyOption or One-Touch Option. For example, a popular current currency pair is BTC/USD.

  • SetOption – The latest option available for asset trading is BITCOIN/USD.

Bitcoin brokers provide a simple online trading platform. All you have to do is visit their website, enter your details and create an account. You can start with a demo account to understand market action.

The trading screen is simple.

  • Select price direction (UP/DOWN)

  • Select the time period

Is Bitcoin Trading Safe?

The Bitcoin network is possibly the world’s largest distributed computing project. The most common weakness here is user errors. Bitcoin wallet files can be lost, stolen or accidentally deleted just like any other digital file.

However, users can use robust security strategies to protect their cash. Alternatively, you can choose service providers that offer a high level of security as well as insurance against loss or theft.

Top 5 Blockchain Implementations by China

As and when Bitcoin became popular, Blockchain also saw its rise in popularity. However, it was from a different perspective. Now, researchers have discovered new applications of Blockchain technology that can not only be revolutionary for business, but can also impact the country’s economy. Blockchain finds applications in various fields, from politics to financial transactions; companies are now exploring new applications for this technology.

An important point to note here is that despite its versatile uses and applications, many nations are not in favor of this technology, and one prominent name that appears is China. China initially banned cryptocurrency, but now there are rumors that it is working on its own cryptocurrency and is also promoting start-ups working on developing blockchain technology.

In this blog, I will outline how China is promoting blockchain and what are the important steps the nation has taken. But before we delve into this topic, it is necessary to understand what makes China so aggressively push the development of blockchain in the country.

What Makes Blockchain Inevitable for China?

It is not only about China, but we also need to understand the fact that technological development is the main ingredient of a great recipe for success. Blockhan is a digital distributed ledger technology and is also known as DLT or Distributed Ledger Technology. It promotes peer-to-peer transactions without third-party intervention. Its feature is decentralization. These key features of Blockchain make it an inevitable technology for the growth of any business and the growth of the business has a direct impact on the GDP of the country. China is the main influence of the world economy. Due to the efforts to develop blockchain, it will not only gain a competitive advantage in the global market, but at the same time, it will promote better jobs for growth.

Over the next three years, Blockchain will be adopted in various industries. Some of the notable ones include supply chain, bill verification, energy, healthcare, precision marketing and financial transactions in China.

Top 5 Investments in Blockchain Technology

1. Financial Transactions- Well, this is the most basic and common use of Blockchain and more and more countries are trying to explore this option. China is no different. Bank of China, China Construction Bank, and many other financial institutions in China have begun to make blockchain part of their infrastructure for various purposes such as e-commerce. Furthermore, China’s National Audit Office has also proposed using this technology for big data auditing.

2. Development of cryptocurrencies- We all know that China’s ban on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies led to a sharp decline in digital currencies. But the point is that China is working on developing its own digital currency. China’s central bank, the People Bank of China (PBOC), partnered with a team of researchers in 2014 to test a prototype Blockchain digital currency for use in their economy. Companies like QTUM, eChain and NEO are gaining attention in the government. The government is actively supporting the rise of Blockchain

3. Intellectual Property- This is another aspect of intellectual property that is a major area of ​​concern for many nations. Currently, the status and functioning of this sector is contingent and has barriers. The presence of blockchain can help transform this industry.

Using this technology for online content such as novels, musical compositions can be copyrighted at the time of their creation. After the development of this platform, the content owner can directly upload all the information directly to the platform and it will be available in the log in chronological order. The platform gives the owner the right to grant access to reprint citations of their work.

Companies like Beijing Banquanjia Tech and Yuanben Blockchain are working to create solutions in this direction.

4. Reception with big names. Amazon, Walmart, IM, Infosys are some of the big names working to explore the application of this technology. Chinese company Alibaba is exploring the use of Blockchain. Alibaba’s Ant Financial Service Group, part of the Alibaba Group, has partnered with Globe Telecom, the Philippine telecom giant, to provide real-time cross-border payment services. This service will be useful for both the SME sector and individuals. With the help of this technology, the user can send and receive money quickly and easily.

5. Healthcare- It may sound a little unusual, but Blockchain technology can be revolutionary even in the healthcare sector. The latest information in this zone comes when Ali Health or Alibaba Health Information Technology Ltd. will cooperate with the Chinese city government to establish a connection between the current medical. Its purpose is to bring all information on the Blockchain platform, thus making all information easily accessible.


The bottom line is that Blockchain is a versatile technology that offers many benefits. However, we cannot ignore the fact that it is a fairly new technology and needs a lot of improvisation. Another important point that we should consider is that China is actively promoting cryptocurrency and Blockchain startup. Its aim is to create a simplified process for business operations that will help China gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Crypto Currency vs. Fiat Currency

Crypto Currency vs. Fiat Currency

Are you aware of fiat currencies and crypto currencies? They are both currencies in one form or another and are open to public use worldwide. But they are both distinct and different in their own ways. There is always a group that favors the use of cryptos while another has a soft corner for fiat currencies.

Cryptocurrencies play a huge role in a cashless society

If you look at the market in the 1970s and 1980s, you will find that cash played a dominant role. However, with the change in technology, electronic transactions have become the norm. Today, more and more people are affected by becoming a cashless society. As the cashless society progresses, cryptocurrencies have a big role to play.

Crypto currency and fiat currency are always at odds

Cryptocurrency and fiat currency are popular types of digital currency, especially when it comes to online transactions. They are both currencies that are currently being used in the market but have some differences. There’s a hell of a lot of buzz you’ll hear every day comparing crypto money and fiat money. This article will highlight the difference between the two in a more comprehensive and simple manner.

Distinguishing what currencies represent

Before finding the difference between the two, you need to understand what they represent and how they are defined.

A fiat currency is legal tender backed by a central government, and it takes physical form. For example: US Dollar, British Pound, Euro, etc. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, is not legal tender and does not have any backup from a central government or bank.

Therefore, the difference between crypto currency and fiat currency is stated as follows.

• Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and global in nature. There is no single organization or government that controls the currency with their own laws and regulations. Fiat currency is centralized, under the control of banks and government laws and regulations.

• Cryptocurrencies exist only in the digital domain. On the other hand, you will find that fiat currencies have a tangible and physical existence.

• There is a limited supply of cryptocurrencies with the maximum amount supplied in the market. Whereas fiat money has an unlimited supply because the government and the bank have the right to produce coins and notes when the situation calls for it.

• Bitcoin and other crypto-type currencies are created by computers, while fiat currencies are issued by local government and banks.

• Cryptocurrencies are represented as public and private cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, fiat currencies come in the form of coins and bills.

• The value of cryptocurrencies is not determined by market supply and demand. Whereas the value of fiat currency is determined by market regulations of supply and demand.

Different types of crypto and fiat currencies

The popularity of crypto-type currencies has skyrocketed over the past decade. It was in 2009 when Bitcoin was first introduced and years later when several other types of cryptocurrencies appeared. Starting with Litecoin. Dogecoin, Ripple to Dcash and Zcash, there are many of them. On the other hand, fiat currency has rich and ancient roots with the British pound dating back to AD. in 775. It is considered the world’s oldest currency that is still in use.

Differences in anonymity between the two currencies

When you use fiat currencies, you must go through a user authentication or verification process. You are requested to upload your recent photograph and some of the required documents to be provided as per the government authorities. You don’t need to go through any of the required processes related to cryptocurrencies. Although your personal information and confidential data are not published, all your transactions are recorded and tracked in both fiat and crypto currencies.

Fiat Currency vs. Crypto Currency? level of transparency

• The level of transparency of crypto-type currencies is considered higher. This is because revenue streams are exposed on the public chain. Anyone can witness their own and others’ transactions.

• Fiat or Govt. currencies are not transparent because there are no public chains to see people’s income streams.

Comparative historical roots

If you compare crypto money to its counterpart fiat or government currency, you will see that their existence and creation makes the difference. Fiat, or public currency, dates back to 775 with the introduction of the British pound. This is why fiat currency is easily accepted by people all over the world.

Crypto coin, on the other hand, was perhaps first introduced just over a decade ago with the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009. The challenge facing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies coincides with the massive popularity and growing fan base of fiat currency. . Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly gaining importance and popularity in the economic market, but it is still not widely accepted in society as a fiat currency.

A comparative history of two currencies.

• It was in the 11th century that China’s Song Dynasty was perhaps the first to issue paper money. It is not allowed to exchange with valuables: gold, silver or silk.

• There were tally sticks that were presented as fiat or government currency. 1100 Tally sticks have been introduced to combat the shortage of gold.

• 1971 was the year fiat currency gained global recognition. President Nixon introduced it to eliminate the peg of the dollar to gold.

• It was in 1998 that Wei Dai came up with the idea of ​​an anonymous e-cash system. Bitgold – the first crypto currency was created by Nick Szabo, but it didn’t get as much attention as Bitcoin.

• In 2009, Bitcoin was introduced to the market, becoming the first crypto currency to be accepted worldwide. A number of other cryptocurrencies were introduced in 2011 and thereafter. Some of the popular ones include Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Zcash, Dash and more.

Properties of the two currencies

The potential of crypto-type currencies and fiat currencies, access to their features is important. You will find that by some measures Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are superior to fiat or government currency, and in some cases the latter is superior. It is absolutely your call to choose the type of currency (crypto type currency or fiat type currency) based on your personal needs and requirements.

Let’s compare their features in relation to some factors.

• Both crypto coins and fiat currencies are fungible in nature.

• As far as portability is concerned, both currencies provide more or less the same position.

• As far as non-expendable standards are concerned, cryptocurrency and fiat currency have equal status.

• Crypto-type currencies have high stability compared to fiat-currencies which have an average level of stability.

• Like crypto or virtual currencies, fiat or fiat currencies provide safe and secure transactions and exchange.

• Crypto or digital currencies are highly divisible by nature. On the other hand, fiat currencies are moderately divisible.

• In terms of transaction process, cryptocurrencies are easy and hassle free. While on the other hand, the withdrawal process associated with fiat currencies is easy but not like cryptos.

• Crypto-based currencies are decentralized and global in nature, unlike fiat currencies, which are centralized and operate under government laws and regulations.

• Crypto-based currencies have a high scarcity, where typically fiat currencies are unlimited because the government can issue coins and notes whenever needed.

• Crypto-based currencies are based on mathematical algorithms and are programmable. Fiat currencies are not programmable at all.

• Fiat currencies are sovereign in nature, while crypto currencies are not.

The process of launching currencies

You can find significant differences between crypto or digital currencies and fiat currencies, both in the way they operate and the transaction process that takes place. They are contrasting in nature. Transferring money with Bitcoin is very fast and you don’t need any third party association at all.

On the other hand, if you are doing money exchange using fiat type of currency, then a mobile wallet is used. You can exchange the amount of electronic money that is transferred for the same value. Both fiat and crypto currencies allow you to buy anything you want. But the processes involved are completely different from each other.

Depending on the items you buy, you will find that one form of currency is better than another. This is absolutely your choice.

Is bitcoin a cryptocurrency better than fiat currency?

The long-term benefits and possibilities of Bitcoins are not yet established. But they have been predicted by cryptocurrency gurus and experts to go a long way, especially revolutionizing the way online transactions are done. In the current market, Bitcoin is mostly included in online casinos and gambling, but not limited to that.

Furthermore, when you compare fiat currencies, Bitcoin allows you to take power and authority away from banks and government because it is not controlled. A cryptocurrency based currency has the ability to create or create free market capitalizations. Fiat currencies are affected by inflation and market changes unlike crypto currencies. Such aspects lead individuals to believe that crypto-based currencies will soon take over mainstream currencies and transform the way money is used.

Why Bitcoins are considered better than fiat currencies?

• Bitcoin enables you to recreate free market capitalism.

• The power to control money is entirely in the hands of individuals, not banks like fiat currencies.

• When there is inflation, Bitcoin is not affected. But a fiat type of currency would be easier to lose and be affected by.

• Bitcoin currency is easy to exchange and transfer compared to fiat or government currencies.

• Transaction fees associated with Bitcoin are much cheaper and easily available.

Crypto currencies seem to be a favorable option among people

Fiat currencies are a centralized and legal way of exchanging money. But cryptocurrencies have gained immense popularity over the past few years. There will never be someone who will play the role of an intermediary, as in the case of banks. Furthermore, cryptos are much cheaper and less expensive than regular fiat currencies.

Send money instantly anywhere without waiting for bank approval

You can send money directly to anyone in the world and it’s very fast. The money is cleared within a few minutes. You don’t have to wait through the traditional clearing and verification processes of banking systems, which can take up to several days to get clearance. Because it is decentralized and not subject to government laws and regulations, no one has the right to do anything with your account.

Blockchain technology has a very big role to play

With cryptocurrencies giving us the power and authority to become our own bank and control our finances. That’s thanks to blockchain technology, which offers a higher level of sophistication when it comes to finance. In fact, there are some major financial industries that have started to incorporate the idea of ​​technology.

DigitalTicks Exchange – Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange

DigitalTicksExchange. advanced cryptocurrency exchange!!!

DigitalTicksExchange is not just another crypto-to-crypto trading platform. It is designed by traders for traders. The idea started back in December 2017. DigitalTicksExchangeteam comes up with the FIRST COMMODITY CRYPTO EXCHANGE. The team aims to provide the best trading platform for the cryptocurrency market.

Mission and Vision of DigitalTicksExchange

With the main goal of appearing in the top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of market capitalization, the team has implemented robust, more powerful and best-in-class technology required in 2018. platform for cryptocurrency. Our team is dedicated to offer traders and brokers the most customizable exchange platform and thereby bring us one step closer to the goal of being the only user-friendly exchange to trade crypto currency and crypto commodities with ease.

With the increase in the number of crypto exchanges around the world, the cryptocurrency exchange market has seen many new users getting involved in trading these currency exchanges, but the main challenge for any cryptocurrency exchange is to work with the security of the exchange and thereby build trust and confidence. trust in the minds of end users. DigitalTicksExchange plans to be one of the most trusted digital currency exchanges in the world with its multi-currency cryptocurrency wallet exchange and advanced Security Audit systems and regular vulnerability testing.

The DigitalTicksExchange team consists of traders, industrialists. Entrepreneurs, Blockchain Enthusiasts. To make the DigitalTicksExchange exchange a success, the innovative developers have made every extra effort to understand the needs and requirements of traders, from novice to professional. The platform is customized so that it is easy to use for all market participants, be it Hedger, Scalper, Arbitrager or Speculator.

Here is a list of some of the unique features that will be offered at DigitalTicksExchange

Functionality of the half-term algorithm

A single order view of the portfolio

Hotkey function

Multiple trading tools

Multiple device compatibility

DigitalTicksExchange Token (DTx)

DTx is the DigitalTicksExchange UTILITY token. The DTx Utility token can be purchased using Bitcoin, Ethereum and bank transfers. The pre-sale of this token started on March 25, 2018 and the public sale on April 15, 2018. The token sale ended on June 15, 2018.

The team is happy to announce its successful Token Sale. During the token sale, the team sold a total of 64 million tokens, thereby raising $30 million USD. There are currently over 30,000 members of the DigitalTicks community, and that number is growing much faster.

Advantages of trading on DigitalTicksExchange

DigitalTicksExchange’s trading platform is much smoother and offers a great User Interface with many features required by traders. One of the main advantages of using our platform is that the exchange will not charge any transaction fees for the first few months. This can be a great profit opportunity for high frequency traders. We will also offer volume-based incentives to those high-frequency traders who come forward. We love our users and want to create a fair market for all our registered users thereby helping them trade cryptocurrency for profit by providing regular research reports prepared by our team of expert researchers.


With incentives like the volume-based model, the Maker-Taker Concept DigitalTicksExchange is focused on ensuring ease of trading and charging a fair price for trading. Aiming to be on top, DigitalTicksExchangeteam is dedicated to providing all the tools and support required for any of its traders to trade in the cryptocurrency market. The exchange will be fully developed and launched on or before late August 2018. The team believes that DigitalTicksExchange will be the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange platform for various crypto-to-crypto as well as products for crypto exchange.!!!!

This is how Bitcoin works in the cryptocurrency world

In case you don’t know, Bitcoin is a type of decentralized network of cryptocurrency. In this process, transactions are based on an encrypted 16-digit address. In simple terms, it’s like your social security number. In terms of security, only you can transfer funds because you have the address, which includes two-factor verification. In fact, Bitcoin consists of a network of several independent computers responsible for creating, distributing and verifying monetary transactions. Let’s find out more.

How do you buy Bitcoin?

If you want to buy bitcoin, be sure to install a wallet application on your computer. With this app you can send and receive as much Bitcoin as you want.

To buy Bitcoin, you are required to deposit funds into your web-based wallet, which acts as a bridge between sellers and buyers.

After the exchange accepts your currency, your next step is to place an order, similar to buying a stock.

How does Bitcoin work?

Basically, Bitcoin is an international, decentralized peer-to-peer network. Below is a description of how Bitcoin works.

1. First of all, mines use computers to create Bitcoin to solve mathematical functions. And then there is a process that verifies transactions.

2. In the next phase, traditional currencies are used for Bitcoin exchange trading. In fact, it works as an entry into the world of cryptocurrencies, especially for non-miners. It can be said that it is similar to buying stocks using a trading application.

3. Whether you are an individual or a business, you can create wallets to send or receive bitcoins. If you have used a PayPal account, you can easily use this type of wallet as well. The good thing about cryptocurrency is that it is based on a secure network. In addition, it makes all transactions completely secure.

Can you mine bitcoins at home?

If you are interested in Bitcoin mining at home, the description below can help you get started.

Cryptocurrency Mining:

Cryptocurrency mining is an approach that involves confirming cryptocurrency transactions and making entries in a blockchain ledger. If you want to authorize or mine cryptocurrency transactions, you have to compete with many other minors by performing complex calculations. This type of processing requires a lot of processing power.

Once the transaction is completed, the system rewards you with Bitcoin or whatever currency you are mining.

Can you use your laptop to mine bitcoins?

The good news is that you can use your laptop for bitcoin mining. However, the million dollar question is, can this make you enough money? The short answer is no. Although you can mine with your laptop, you won’t earn more than pennies, which isn’t worth it.

In other words, you need an extremely powerful computer with multiple graphics cards to enjoy the highest mining speed.

So, if you are interested in mining or investing in Bitcoin, you can follow the advice given in this article.

Peer To Peer Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency concepts need to be cleared if you want to have a flexible, anonymous and secure currency transaction. There are many advantages to be gained by using this nature of currency when a peer-to-peer business is desired.

The main requirement for making such currency transactions

A blockchain is required to conduct such a currency transaction between two peers. Once there is, there is no need for any third party to be trusted to carry out such transactions. The system provides a way to have a secure transaction as it is impossible for hackers to manipulate any transaction or create false data.

Advantages of using such a transaction system

There are many advantages to using peer-to-peer transactions of this nature. Let’s take a look at them.

Nickname:Each cryptocurrency transaction has a unique identifier. The uniqueness of the identifier is that it is not linked to the user’s name and address. Authentication can be easily changed for each transaction by clicking some buttons.

WalletsA wallet is a place where you can practically store your money and use it for any transaction. There are many ways to secure your wallet. To have such security, you can use passwords, encryption or have special hardware. You can easily have privacy and security for the money in your wallet.

Safe transactionsYou can expect to have the most secure cryptocurrency transaction. A global network of computers manages every transaction that takes place. It is a network that is not governed by any central governing body, so this decentralized nature of Cryptocurrency allows for perfect peer-to-peer transactions.

The transaction becomes more secure, because money cannot be taken from anyone by force. Thousands of checks are made before a transaction is executed and if any flaw is found, the transaction is terminated. It can be said that such a transaction is more secure than using a credit card.

Automated transactionThis nature of peer-to-peer transactions can be automated with smart contacts. The system itself will process the transaction according to the rules you set. For example, if you want to transfer a certain amount to a certain account after having a certain fund, the system will automatically follow such an instruction.

Quick setupWith this means of transaction, you won’t have to wait long to have money in your account. The peer-to-peer nature of the transaction available using cryptocurrency allows for a reduction in the number of intermediaries and therefore the various accessories associated with it. So, you can expect to have the fastest currency transaction using this medium.

Easy payment.

Paying with cryptocurrency is pretty easy. You don’t need to pay exorbitant fees or provide details other than the recipient’s wallet address to enable such transactions. The money will be transferred to the recipient within seconds.

Thus, it is easy to see how efficient and profitable it is to conduct peer-to-peer transactions using Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency basics and how it works

In the times we live in, technology has made incredible progress compared to any time in the past. This evolution has redefined human life in almost every way. In fact, this evolution is a continuous process and hence human life on earth is improving day by day. One of the latest inclusions in this regard is cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency is nothing but a digital currency designed to enforce security and anonymity in online monetary transactions. It uses cryptographic encryption to both create currency and verify transactions. New coins are created by a process called mining, while transactions are recorded in a public ledger called the Transaction Block Chain.

A little setback

The evolution of cryptocurrency is largely attributed to the virtual world of the Internet and involves the process of converting readable information into code that is nearly invulnerable. Thus, it becomes easier to track currency-related purchases and transfers. Cryptography, since its introduction in World War II for secure communication, has evolved in this digital age, blending with mathematical theories and computer science. Thus, it is now used not only for communication and information, but also for securing money transfers in a virtual network.

How to use cryptocurrency?

It is very easy for common people to use this digital currency. Just follow the steps given below.

  • You need a digital wallet (obviously to store currency)
  • Use the wallet to generate unique public addresses (this allows you to receive currency)
  • Use public addresses to transfer funds from wallet or AMD

Cryptocurrency wallets

A cryptocurrency wallet is nothing more than a software program capable of storing both private and public keys. In addition, it can also interact with different blockchains so that users can send and receive digital currency as well as track their balance.

How digital wallets work

Unlike the regular wallets we carry in our pockets, digital wallets do not store currency. In fact, the blockchain concept has been so cleverly merged with cryptocurrency that currencies are never stored in a specific location. They are nowhere to be found in cash or physical form. Only your transaction records are stored on the blockchain and nothing else.

A real life example

Let’s say a friend sends you some digital currency, say in the form of Bitcoin. What this friend does is he transfers the ownership of the coins to your wallet address. Now, when you want to use that money, you’ve opened the fund.

To unlock the fund, you need to match your wallet’s private key with the public address the coins are allocated to. Only when both private and public addresses match will your account be registered and your wallet balance will be inflated. At the same time, the balance of the sender of the digital currency will decrease. In digital currency transactions, the actual exchange of physical coins never takes place under any circumstances.

Understanding cryptocurrency address

By its nature, it is a public message with a unique string of characters. This enables a user or digital wallet owner to receive cryptocurrency from others. Every public address that is created has a corresponding private address. This automatic match confirms or verifies the ownership of the public address. As a more practical analogy, you can think of a public cryptocurrency address as your email address to which others can send emails. Emails are the currency people send you.

Understanding the latest technology in the form of cryptocurrency is not difficult. One needs to spend a little interest and time on the net to understand the basics.