Midwestern Farm Vacation

Midwestern Farm Vacation

Living on either coast of the USA, I guess that you’re more often exposed to city life than you are to farm and rural living , which is a shame because farm life is hard to beat with slower space, accomplished work you can see , and healthy food. I want the secret of rural living to spread to everyone, so I do thinks that taking  a vacation to a farm and bringing your children at least once in your lifetime is better.


If you vacation in a rural farm area with your children, you can introduce them to a completely different pace of life and show them all the things they should appreciate and not take for granted. Their city food comes from here and it takes hard work to get it.


Farms are prevalent throughout the plains and Midwest. There are farms who focus on crops, others on beef or pork, others on dairy. Some of them mix it all to diversify. The farmers life usually involved early mornings and late evenings filled with work, but it’s very rewarding. You know at the end of the day that you’ve done something good and useful. You’re working to provide the food to help feed a planet.


There aren’t a lot of shopping malls, skyscrapers or traffic jams. The air is clean, the stars can be seen at night and instead of gunshots you hear wild animals talking in the night.


The food is wholesome and hearty and tastes great. Portions are large and made of quality farm fresh ingredients. Instead of oceans of blue you see oceans of green fields as far as the eye can see. It’s a completely different way of life, but it’s something that everyone should experience. Just don’t get too attached, I don’t want my rural farm living to be spoiled by a sudden growth in population.


The author lives in a rural area and has gotten quite knowledgeable about home related topics as she works to tackle projects alongside her farmer husband. Other topics include solar panel efficiency and a kitchen travertine backsplash.

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